How to shop and buy a quality hot tub or spa.

Hot Tub and Spa Research

What to look for when shopping for a spa!

When looking for a hot tub you should consider the filtration systems, the type of insulation, and the jetting systems.  The best spas have a skimmer filter, full foam insulation, and great jetting systems including neck and shoulder jets as well as foot jets.

How to find a reliable spa dealer.

Service after the sale is just as important as finding a good hot tub.  You need to find both to have a great experience with your purchase.  Buy from a local dealer that has parts in stock and is open 7 days a week.  Buy from a brick and mortar store that can take care of your service needs after the sale.

Rating the best spas!

A comprehensive list of the best spa brands in the industry.  A complete breakdown of the premium brands and the very best spas in the world.  Buy a quality spa from a brand that has all of the premium feature with dealers in all 50 states.  Everyone wants to be the best but there are only a handful of spas that make the grade.  

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